Limescale and the problems it causes are a notorious side-effect of living in a hard water area. From blocked pipes and reduced water flow, to the unpleasant film left in household appliances, the result of hard water damage can be easily seen. Water Imp has designed its products to specifically tackle these hardwater problems and for 18 years, people have been enjoying the benefits that the Water Imp provides.The benefits of the Water Imp system include:

  • Water can be used for drinking and cooking.
  • Personalised PRE and AFTER sales service.
  • Modern Technology, fully computerised.
  • Prolong life of your equipment and appliances.
  • Save up to 25% on your energy bills.
  • Bring personal luxury that you can afford.
  • Unequivocal 190 day money back guarantee.
  • An Eco friendly system.
  • No plumbing, no chemicals, no fuss.
  • Protects solar heating systems.
  • Eliminate limescale problems.
  • Silent and unobtrusive.
  • DIY Installation in 30 minutes.


Water Imp prides itself on its long established value for money so our prices start from only £98 including VAT and P&P.

To see the current prices on our units, please visit our product page or view the special offers that are currently on.

Please bear in mind that the effect of hard water can cost you up to £120 pa (UK) in extra heating costs and early product replacement – in addition to the unpleasantness caused by hard water and limescale damage.

Healthy Water + Incredible Savings = The Water Imp