The easy way to keep your pipes clean

Yet another customer who’s seen the benefits-Tommy from Texas.

I live in Texas and have very hard water. I purchased and installed the Super Imp about 5 years ago. This last weekend I had my water heater replaced. The repair man expected the old tank to be very heavy and also for the pipes to have a significant amount of build up. Instead they were clean as a whistle and the repair man said it was the first time ever that the new tank was heavier than the old one! Great job Super Imp!!! I highly recommend it.

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Eczema knocked out

Just ahd a chat with a customer who had recommended our water softeners to a colleague. He said that his wife anc children suffer from eczema but that within a week of installing one of our units his wife commented on how much better her eczema was. After several weeks it’s completely cleared up.

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May Madness!

Spring finally seems to have sprung, and maybe it’s time to get round to sorting out your hard water and limescale problems.  The Mail on Sunday recently ran an article about how the best way to save money and be energy efficient is to fit a water conditioner.

The article talked about scientific evidence – why not check out the report from the University of Bath which showed some pretty impressive results.  Remember you can conduct your own experiment as we offer a fantastic 190 day money back guarantee!

So to celebrate the arrival of May AND the launch of our new Facebook page, we are offering 10% off our full range of electronic water conditioners for the whole of May; whether you’ve got a flat or a mansion or any size of business we have a water conditioning solution for you.

To take advantage of this discount visit the Water Improvements Facebook page and get the code!  Like our page to stay up to date with our latest offers and news.

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10 years on and still going strong

Larry wrote recently to say “

I have used your SUPER IMP for my 30,000 gal. swimming pool and WATER ELF for my house for the last ten years. I found it to make a difference in both.” What a superb testimony to the effrectiveness of our water softeners. Even if these are older versions of the water dsofteners and not as powerful as the new models.

He was writing because he wondered if he needed to repalce them because our original literature (10 years ago) said the units should have a life of 10 years. Well now 10 years on we have units that are coming up for their 19th birthday so it just shows that a quality product is worth buying

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customer recomendation

Fast and efficient service and a product that exceeded expectations.

Well this is the great sort of publicity that our electronic water softeners need. We didn’t even have to ask him for his comments . They were free

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Seeing the benefits of a Waterimp water softener

This is from a customer who’s seen the benfits.

My Review is in respect of The Water Imp fitted by Water Improvements Limited sometime prior to my retirement and  moving here ten years ago. The previous owner Mr Dodds was a high;y qualified engineer. His improvements to the services to the property would testify to that.  Whilst most of the houses in this area have to buy the chemicals for their water softener devices I havent  any deposits around the taps and shower head.

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going green (and that’s not the water colour)

Hi this week’s update covers two customers who’ve seen the benefits of having an electronic softener/conditioner.

Steve Installed one of his 3 water imps in his  sailing club house where they’d had 3 new 216 litre cylinders and solar water heating installed. Prior to installing his water Imp they had to clean the shower heads every six months. They’re now 2.5 years on and still not had to clean their shower heads.

The other customer lived in Croydon and recently came back to buy another unit. She was living in an aprtment in Croydon and her immersion heater blew up every 2 years for the first six years she lived in her apartment due to the build up of scale. Croydon is renowned for its hard water. After fitting one of our units she has been free of limescale  for the last 4 years. she’s now moving to a new home and leaving her old unit behind and buying a new one to keep her new flat limescale free.

New green idea. We’ve developed a solar powered system to help those who really want to go green. You can now get all the benefits of softer water and not use any electrical power to do it.  that means no more cleanign of shower heaqds, taps etc and remember those are only the bits you see. Think about your washign amachien, dishwasher and hot water cylinders.

Look on our website for the new solar option from the beginnign of October. .

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wat-er team

Hello everybody and welcome to the first Water Improvements blog post!

This is where you’ll be able to find out all our water conditioning news and more.  It’s been 18 years since we sold our first Water Imp water conditioner and I have just fitted our Water Imp conditioner in our new flat – an essential for any home.  If you’ve ever wondered how easy these hard water busters are to fit, I can tell you that if I can do it, anyone can! No need for any Olympic-style special abilities or strength.

Once you’ve located the stopcock (ours is in the cupboard under the stairs), simply find a handy spot on a wall nearby, check there’s a plug socket handy (we’ve run the plug out under the door of the cupboard and into the hall) wind the aerial cable round the pipe, and connect it all up. Then you’re up and running.

I’ll keep you posted on what we notice as the Imp gets to work- I’m particularly watching out for the scale around the taps in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the watermarks on the draining board and the scale that’s beginning to form in the kettle.  A new flat is also a great excuse to buy lots of new things but we’re trying to stay eco friendly so instead of investing in a standard jug style water filter, we spotted these natural bamboo charcoal filters from Charcoal People and purchased this lovely recycled glass jug.

We love great tasting water, and whilst the Water Imp is busy sorting out the scale and dealing with the hard water we have here in London, the charcoal filter will be doing its bit to filter out other nasties before we drink it- what a great team!

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Welcome to the new Water Imp Website


We are proud to announce that the new WaterImp website is finally live. You will find our products and all the information you need to make your choice, you will not regret to put an imp in your home.

Also you can find really good offers.

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