Limescale Filter

Water Imp is the simple, cost-effective solution to the problem of Limescale.

If you live in a hard water area, chances are that calcium (limescale) builds up on your pipes, washing machine and dishwasher elements and electric heaters. The cost of repairing and replacing products damaged by this Limescale is estimated to cost each family in the UK on average £120 per year.

But for just from £98 including VAT, you can prevent this Limescale build up with our tested and approved Limescale inhibitor. The Water Imp is a small device that attaches to your water pipes. Once it is installed it needs no salt so there are no additional costs, and we will deliver it for free anywhere in the world. We don’t filter out the limescale but keep it in solution so that you enjoy the benefits of the calcium in your water (good for building healthy bones) without the build up of limescale that will destroy your elements.

Un treated hard water is not just bad for your bank balance, but can also be bad for your health. A recent study, which was backed by the Department of Health, discovered that eczema symptoms disappeared following the installation of a home water treatment device.

The Water Imp is proven to reduce Limescale. It is the only independently tested Limescale inhibitor of its kind (you can read the full report, produced by the University of Bath, here). The Water Imp has been helping people in hard water areas for over 20 years and has received a 98% satisfaction rate from happy customers. You can read some of our customer testimonials here.

Money back guarantee

We are so certain that you will love your Water Imp, that we offer a five year guarantee and 190-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact one of our experts by email, or by telephone at 01252 511882. You can also visit our FAQ page, and you can buy a Water Imp at any time with our online order form.