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The Water Imp Solution

Hard water areas are a universal problem. There are many reasons for this, but they are too diverse and complicated to help you with your current hard water problem (please read Technical Information about causes of hard water).

If you have problems with hard water, what you need is THE SOLUTION. Hard water causes limescale build-up, which affects your domestic appliances such as boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, etc. Limescale build-up also poses a problem for the piping in your system, whether it’s a boiler or a supply tank, in fact throughout the system. It can also cause problems for people with sensitive skin. However, knowing the causes does not help much – finding a solution is the essential task.There are mainly two methods of treating hard water:

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These devices get rid of the calcium entirely but a separate drinking tap is required as calcium has benefits for the human body. They can be expensive – sometimes as much as £3,000! – and have to be regularly discharged, cleaned and recharged with chemicals.


These break down the calcium in the system to prevent it from sticking to pipes, boilers, supply tanks, domestic appliances etc. The calcium stays in the water but does not adhere and is discharged on an everyday basis, i.e. through taps, baths, toilets, and domestic equipment. They are inexpensive to buy (from £98 including VAT and delivery) with a range of units to cater for the volume of water used. Electromagnetic devices are also easy to install – no plumbing is needed and it takes about 20 minutes D.I.Y. And most importantly, Water Imp units have a constant success rate of 98% worldwide!

Rosemary Hiels, UK

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful aftercare service. After over 10 years of installing our Water Imp it finally stopped working, but you assured me I probably only needed a new transformer which you sent the day after speaking to you and free of charge. I am most grateful. Water Imp works wonders in our hard water area and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you once again.

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There are two guarantees:

  1. Water Imp gives you the opportunity to test the unit for yourself in your own home for 6 months.
  2. Long term guarantees that cover possible non-performance or breakdown.Liquid and tablet solutions to limescale problems are widely advertised on TV. They work without question but only on surfaces such as toilets, basins, baths, and the visible elements of the dishwasher. What they do not do or claim to do is remove limescale from your system, i.e. piping, storage tank, heating tank, boiler, etc. Water Improvements Ltd offer a money back guarantee that covers all aspects of your water system including pipes, boiler, supply tank, and the supply of water to your house heating system.Water Imp models (3-bed house) start at £98 including VAT and postage. D.I.Y. – no pipe work needed!
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