Technical Information

The Water Imps are Electronic Water Conditioners which use very powerful low frequency signals which effectively treat all conditions of water and flow rates.

They transmit these signals asynchronously via an aerial to create a strong magnetic field, which has the effect of altering the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (limescale), so that they remain in suspension in small particles and do not form hard crystalline deposits inside pipes, boilers and domestic appliances.

This magnetic effect will gradually erode existing limescale deposits, thereby increasing the flow and efficiency of plumbing systems.


Recent research shows that this magnetic treatment can reduce calcium carbonate scale formation by up to 80%. Modern development in the field of electronics has enabled us to bring about this revolution in water treatment. The result is effective breakdown of limescale and its prevention, without the problems of plumbing, installation, high running costs and maintenance. Moreover the Water Imps have the advantages of retaining healthy minerals in the water and eliminating the need for a separate drinking water tap.

How can I be certain they will work for me?

Our research and experience indicates that our units work in all hard water areas of the United Kingdom and Europe. We have installations as far north as the Shetland Isles and as far south as the Channel Islands and from West Wales to East Anglia. Worldwide they are operating in Europe, Malta and the Canary Islands, the USA, Australia, India, Zambia and New Zealand. This research and experience enables us to extend to you with confidence our two unequivocal guarantees.

What are the benefits of the Water Imp?

For a full description of the benefits of the Water Imp system, please refer to the ‘Benefits’ section of our website.

How soon will I see the benefits?

In a very short time, approximately four weeks, you will notice that the water begins to feel softer. Taps, shower roses and other outlets gradually lose their coating of scale. Lather will increase and the use of detergents will be reduced. Your appliances, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee maker, will all begin to shed their scale.

Most of important of all are the effects you do not see. The Super Imp will break down the limescale build up inside your boiler, hot tank, on the immersion heater, your heating system, and in your radiators.

Do the Water Imps conform to current safety standards

The Water Imps bear the CE mark which signifies that they conform to the following European standards:

  • EN55014 (Emmissions)
  • EN50082-1 (Immunity)