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Living in a hard water area? Limescale causing a problem? Water Softeners costing too much?The technical information on water conditioners is very interesting, but more important FOR YOU however is getting rid of your limescale problem. Water Imp offers THE SOLUTION to your hard water problems with a full no quibble money back guarantee.The Water Imp Conditioner is THE water softener alternative!

  • A long successful record of solving hard water problems. 19 years with thousands of users. See our recommendations.
  • The only objectively tested device of its kind. See our Bath University report.
  • A recent Department of Health-backed study showed that a child’s eczema symptoms disappeared after installing a water treatment device at his home.
  • The Water Imp conditioner is inexpensive to buy and run, starting from £98 including VAT and free delivery to anywhere in the world.
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  • Buy now via our secure online order form or call us 01252 511882!.
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Your water pipes could look like this!
In areas of hard water, the calcium builds up in your main pipes, washing machine/dishwasher elements, and electric heaters. The result is extra expense (estimated at £120 pa UK). Early breakdown of equipment, costly replacement, and the inconvenience of trying to remove white stains on your shower doors and tiles as well as your stainless steel surfaces. Read more…

I used to de-scale the kettle twice a month. This I have not done for 3 years, proof of the INCREDIBLE efficiency of the Water Imp. Thank you so much

E Saville, Wilts, UK

This product was wholeheartedly recommended to me by my neighbors who recently ordered 2 super imps. They can not say enough good things about your product.

Mr H Huestis, USA

How can Water Imp help you?

Extensive trials and laboratory testing, combined with a 98% customer satisfaction rate over 18 years has shown the Water Imp system to excel at:

  • Reducing fuel bills by up to 30% in heavily affected homes.
  • Alleviating skin irritation caused by showers and baths in hard water areas.
  • Removing the ‘scum’ buildup around baths and sinks.
  • Reverse the damage caused by furring up and blocking of water pipes, while also increasing the water flow throughout the entire household.
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Is limescale really that serious?

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In industry, limescale damage can lead to a fortune in repair and maintenance bills, proof that hard water costs money. The same is true of your most used domestic appliances, the washing machine and the dishwasher. Both have heating elements that are subject to heavy build up of limescale and ultimately breakdown. Not only does it leave the visible film around your appliances, it also builds up in your water pipes as pictured opposite and can lead to restricted water flow and much larger water heating bills.Fortunately, with our easily installable water conditioner system, this damage can be heavily reduced, and even reversed, with visible results.
Spending money each month on abrasive detergents only combats part of the problem. With the Water Imp conditioning system, the limescale is prevented before it even reaches your tap!

My family noticed the change within the first week… simply amazing

B Silverman, USA

Why not see how the Water Imp helped some of our other customers before deciding whether the system is for you, and remember… every system comes with a 190 day no-quibble money back guarantee, so if it doesnt work for you, then simply return it for a full refund!

Why choose this over a water softener or detergent?

Unlike water softeners and detergents, the Water Imp magnetic water conditioner does not require constant application. Just turn the unit on, and leave it… it’s that simple. Also the long-term costs of both softeners and detergents can be staggering. With the Water Imp, you only pay a small price for the unit, and it’s guaranteed to last at least 5 years (already saving a small fortune when compared with the alternatives!).
The Water Imp has been proven in laboratory tests conducted by Bath University to be an effective alternative to traditional water softeners.

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