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The cost-effective fit-and-forget solution to limescale-free water

Do you want limescale-free water in your home without any hassle?

Our cost-effective and fit-and-forget electronic water conditioners are the answer because they are the SIMPLE solution to the limescale in your home. You can just fit and forget – no need for complicated installation or salt. Prices start from just £99 – including FREE worldwide shipping!

There are many benefits to installing a WaterImp in your home:

  • Less time spent cleaning
  • Less money on cleaning products
  • Money saved on energy bills
  • Added protection for your heating system and appliances
  • No salt refills or maintenance
  • Nicer tasting tea and coffee…

The easy way to a limescale-free home

We have been bringing better bathrooms and easier-to-clean kitchens to happy customers all around the world for over 25 years with our brilliant alternative to water softeners. Not to mention lower bills and more effective heating systems and appliances! If you live in a hard water area, you’ll know about it, so find out how our WaterImps tackle the limescale in your home easily and effectively. And buy in complete confidence with our double guarantee.
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