How it works

How it works . . .

Our WaterImps are miniature superheroes for your home.

They pack a punch when it comes to helping you have a limescale-free home. On this page we will share with you the benefits of installing one of our WaterImps, starting from just £99, in your home, explain why hard water can cause problems, and tell you exactly how they work. The benefits of using our electronic water conditioners There are many benefits to installing a WaterImp in your home:
  • Less time spent cleaning
  • Less money on cleaning products
  • Money saved on energy bills
  • Added protection for your heating system and appliances
  • No salt refills or maintenance
  • Nicer tasting tea and coffee . . .
Limescale element

Hard water isn’t bad but it is a pain!

Hard water is the cause of limescale, but it isn’t bad for us. In fact, some studies suggest it might even be good for us due to the high levels of minerals. However, it does cause problems in the home which can cost you money.

All those lovely minerals have a tendency to stick to each other. As a result, they collect in your pipes, appliances, on your draining board, in your kettle etc. You’ll recognise this as limescale.

Our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioner range is the easy way to say goodbye to limescale in your home. And with none of the cost, the faff, or the environmental impacts of traditional water softeners or limescale cleaners.

Limescale costs you money

Limescale coats the heating elements in your appliances and costs you money. This means that before you can even heat the water in your dishwasher, boiler or washing machine, you have to heat the limescale. And limescale is a great insulator . . . Do you know how much scale is on the heating element of your appliances? Clearly if a pipe is covered in limescale, the limescale has to be heated first before the water receives any heat, which costs more money:

  • no scale took 2 hours to supply the hot water required for the average home
  • just 5mm of scale took over 2x as long at more than 4 hours.
  • 10mm of scale took four times as long at 8 hours

And all that extra heating adds up on your heating bill . . . if you want to start saving money today, check out our range of WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioners.

water-imp money
simple electromagnet

How do our WaterImp Electronic Water Conditioners work to solve your limescale problems?

Our electronic water conditioners create a strong electromagnetic field which changes the way the limescale compounds form in your water. Instead of creating large crystals which stick to every surface, they form small crystals which flow on through the water. This means no more limescale – the unsightly stains you have to clean from your sinks, taps and kettles, and the deposits you can’t see in your heating system and appliances that cause inefficiency and costly repairs!

WaterImps are tried and tested!

Bath University conducted tests on the WaterImp Original to evaluate the reduction in the level of scale formation within a domestic hot water heating system. The difference is clear – after only 30 days a significant amount of scale had formed in the system without the WaterImp Original, whereas the system with the WaterImp Original fitted looked the same as it did at the start of the trial.

Research by the University of Plymouth found that a boiler with no limescale took 90 minutes a day to supply the average home’s hot water, while a boiler with 5mm of scale took more than four hours. With 10mm of scale, this rose to more than six hours, adding hundreds of pounds to a household’s annual gas bill. If you would like to study the trial in more details please follow the link above. Recent research also shows that the electromagnetic treatment of water can reduce calcium carbonate scale formation by up to 80%

WaterImps have been on the market both in the UK and worldwide for over 25 years and we are so confident in our electronic water conditioners that we offer a 180-day money back guarantee, giving you the customer time to ensure that you are happy with the excellent results you receive.